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Program Developments

Are you looking for making more profit or better life quality? Here are the chances for you to learn how to recruit more dealers in an effective way, how to BOOST UP business in the shortest time and how to transform your team to GROUP.

Help yourself, help others is the only highroad to success.

Entrepreneur Opportunity Seminar

A system to help you recruit more dealers with an efficiency way

EOS is a 90 minutes seminar which attached with expertise to teach you the way to recruit your friends as dealer in an effective way. The seminar is available from Monday to Friday (230pm-400pm)

  • Contents of the seminar

    • Business Opportunity
    • XOX Postpaid Incentive Plan
    • XOX Corporate Background
    • XOX Postpaid 4G LTE

New Dealer Orientation

A system to help you BOOST UP your business revenue in the SHORTEST time

How to be a SUCCESSFUL DEALER? How to master the skills of sales and how to know more about the telco business? Throughout the learning, NDO will lead you to be the expert dealer and how to boost up the business revenue in the shortest time.

  • Contents of the seminar

    • Knowledge on Telco industry
    • Sales Technique
    • Technical training
    • Secret to Success

Leadership Development Program

A system to transform your team to GROUP

You may have a number of dealers. But are you and your dealers satisfied with the basic incentive? Join our 2 days 1 night LDP, let’s create miracle!

  • Contents of the seminar

    • Public Speaking Coaching
    • Goal Setting
    • Habits of Succesful Leader
    • EOS Coaching
    • Becoming a Professional Leader


For every successful recruitment and registration of a subscriber, you can get a month user registration fee as incentive. The higher rank of a dealer, the more incentive he gets.


With the minimum successful recruitment of 5 subscribers, agents or dealers will be given a incentive of 6% of their subscribers’ monthly communications service fee that continue up to six years or more.


The company will allocate an additional 13% profit sharing to the agents or dealers based on their performance and status within the business model.